PruneKo is a masterpiece of the science of Human Resources development

It is an OHADA company created in 2023 for business support purposes. It is thus aligned in the Management and Development of Human Resources. PruneKo defines this science as: Any mechanism put in place to identify a type of person corresponding to a specific need according to a curriculum established to administer, mobilize (management) and then ensure that their know-how remains up to the standards required. advances and innovative procedures (development) applied in the activity of a company.


Make Human Resources management and development the driving force behind the growth strategy of any company and subsequently become the largest human capital consulting platform.

Our team

Notre equipe est composee des professionnelles certifiés en Ressources Humaines, avec plus de 10 ans d’experience.  Passionnée du Développement RH, elle s’emploie à le rendre compréhensible et atteignable aux entreprises afin de bénéficier de cette science innovante.


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